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Deck and Engine Stores: Supporting Smooth Operations and Maintenance

Ship Chandler Tuapse takes pride in being a reliable supplier of a wide array of deck and engine stores, offering comprehensive support to ensure smooth operations and efficient maintenance on board vessels. Our extensive inventory includes essential items ranging from ropes, lubricants, paints, cleaning materials, safety equipment, and more.


We provide a diverse selection of high-quality ropes suitable for various applications on board. From mooring lines and hawsers to safety lines and rigging ropes, our inventory includes ropes of different sizes, materials, and strengths to meet the specific requirements of each vessel.


We understand the critical role lubricants play in maintaining the smooth operation of engines and machinery on board. Our range of lubricants includes marine-grade oils, greases, and specialty lubricants, ensuring optimal performance, reduced friction, and extended equipment lifespan.


We offer a wide range of paints and coatings specifically formulated for marine environments. Whether it's anti-corrosive coatings, antifouling paints, deck paints, or specialized coatings for specific surfaces, our products are of the highest quality to provide protection, aesthetics, and durability.

Cleaning Materials:

A clean and well-maintained vessel is essential for crew comfort and safety. We supply a comprehensive range of cleaning materials, including detergents, degreasers, brushes, mops, and cleaning tools. Our products are selected to effectively tackle various cleaning challenges on board.

Safety Equipment:

The safety of crew members is of paramount importance. We offer a wide selection of safety equipment, including life jackets, fire extinguishers, safety harnesses, personal protective equipment (PPE), and more. All safety equipment complies with international standards, ensuring crew members' well-being and compliance with regulations.

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Ship Chandler Tuapse understands the criticality of timely access to deck and engine stores. We maintain a well-organized inventory management system, ensuring adequate stock levels and efficient order processing. Our experienced team is ready to assist in identifying the right products, providing expert advice, and facilitating prompt deliveries to minimize any operational disruptions.

When it comes to deck and engine stores, Ship Chandler Tuapse is committed to supplying high-quality products that meet stringent industry standards. Trust us to be your reliable partner, offering a comprehensive range of essential items to support smooth operations, enhance maintenance practices, and contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of your vessel.